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Biker Spencer Ball of Team Super Dandy showing his steez at Blue Mountain bike park.

Like podcasts? Like photography? Like fun things? 

Well then you better lesten up! My good friend Morgan and I have started a podcast. It’s a fun nifty side project that we aren’t very proud of yet. But not to worry! We have some great guests lined up to come and have a nice chat with us. So take a look, forgive us for episode one and keep an ear open for some stuff that we will be proud of in the future!

A few snaps from the big boy jump in the Acton skate park.

Thought process of who ever made this master piece “I need to show her legs in this picture. but what the hell do her legs look like? hmmm I’ll google it!”  *types in “beonsay legs”* *clicks “did you mean Giraffe legs” with out reading it* “well then… who am I to argue with google?!”

Currently working on a short video of this bad ass fellow riding his bike. Editing just about being done now, and going to move over to colour correcting on the morrow.
With bonus photo.

If you care to take a gander…

Selling a never used still in the box 16gb Luxar CF card. Message me if your interested. 

You could buy this pretty sweet pro art print of a biker. 

Mr. Mike Stevens from Mix 88.1!

Never trust auto focus… It will just let you down, like all the rest…